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@jm wrote:

Thanks a lot.

Crosstool installed and first build up and running on NSLU. 😀

I’ll post back here when I have them posted somewhere.

Take your time. I’m in no hurry, I appreciate the work you put into making all this available to everyone. Thanks!

Okay. the files I use for the slug package are at It’s kind of all blobbed together. I’ll get it cleaned up and in svn soonish, but this should get you running.

The .mk file replaces the in make/, and the contents of the mt-daapd directory go in sources/mt-daapd.

Edit the makefile. Set MT_DAAPD_SITE to “”, and set MT_DAAPD_VERSION to the version you want to build (svn-1450, maybe?)

Then make mt-daapd-ipk

Yell if you have trouble.

— Ron