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@indridi wrote:

Hello everyone

I recently upgraded to the latest nightlies-build, 1441, on a debian sarge (used the package from this site), after running 1376 happily for a while.

The new version runs fine with the exception of the compilation grouping, which used to work fine. I’m basically using the sample config-file, with these two lines added right after scan_type=2:

compdirs = Various/,soundtrack/,jolalog/,samsafn/,OST/,/samsafn/,pottthett/,pottþétt/
concat_compilations = 1

The exact same lines in the config file for 1376 gave the expected results (files in directories mentioned on the compdirs-line being grouped under the artist “various”), but now it doesn’t work at all.

It might be relevant that I have songs in my music-collection with “Various” and “Various artists” in the artist tag.

Thanks in advance

Are you scanning an iTunes xml file?