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Reply To: firefly/roku Playlist order is not as in iTunes



@kjhmrtwg wrote:

You’re right. I looked at the XML file and saw the order seemed fixed; and where items appear in other playlsists they too seem fixed in the same order. I wonder how often this XML file is updated. I am not used to playing with XML, and trust it is unwise to try to edit this file? But what can I do in order to be able to view and play songs in a playlist in the order I want?

iTunes re-writes it any time it changes the database, so you really can’t change it — iTunes will just overwrite it.

It didn’t used to be like that, it’s a bug since somewhere late in 6, I think. 6.0.4 or 6.0.5.

I don’t really have a way around it though. Perhaps there are applescripts to export iTunes playlists to m3u — then you could not process the iTunes xml file, and just use the exported m3u files. That might be an option.