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Well, all you’d need is a seperate table.

songID, timestamp as primary keys
client, skipped, flags should do the trick.

better map it through a view since this might likely be changed 😉

all you’d need is a job that grabs the “now playing” info likewise frmo the mt-daap’s XML file, and populates the DB.
the only obvious limitation I’d seee with that approach is stuff like ‘skipped’.

Checking the status of the stream wouldnt even suffice, since you dont know wether $device just buffers it, or has actually played it. And even when you press ‘next’ with the file at 99.5%, what should it count as?

I like the idea however. 🙂

With a DB like that you could even map seasonal and/or weather info. as in “sunny sunday morning tunes” or “rainy monday tunes” 😀