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Anyway… is there a possibility to get firefly to record a log of songs (id & when) played as a sqlite-table?
With that in place it opens up for a bunch of queries to the database that can result in a playlist.

The last play date/time is in the database. Seems like you could do that will log trawling as well. It doesn’t separate time from date, though, so it would be hard to get just a time rather than date/time.

The last play, yes. But if you play song X at 08:00 (breakfast) and 18:00 (dinner)… It isn’t that easy to do a breakfast-playlist.

Just a small log-table with time, date, songid and if you have the time add a boolean for skipped and maybe a column identifying the client that played the song.

With that in place… a shell-script generating playlists shouldn’t be that hard to create.