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@riro wrote:

Anyway… is there a possibility to get firefly to record a log of songs (id & when) played as a sqlite-table?
With that in place it opens up for a bunch of queries to the database that can result in a playlist.

The last play date/time is in the database. Seems like you could do that will log trawling as well. It doesn’t separate time from date, though, so it would be hard to get just a time rather than date/time.

I might look at that though, it might be interesting to play with.

A bit further down the road, think about this:
You select a playlist “My morning music” and firefly starts streaming from the library. If/when you press skip on any song firefly remembers that and keeps that in mind next time you start that smart(er) playlist.

Actually, what I really want to do is add the ability to run user scripts on events. I’m looking at doing that with s-lang. That way it would be cross-platform.

Then maybe building a user-built repository of script to do interesting things like the stuff you mentioned.

— Ron