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@mbscad wrote:

Further it bricked my linkstation .. probably because of the dependency on bash install.

Eek! Sorry! I was shooting from the hip, as I don’t have one of these. Don’t I feel bad now…

I’ve spent two days recovering data on hda3 and finally rebuilt Linkstation II today (Wed 29/11).

… he says, rubbing salt in the wound.

I tried a complete ipkg install from scratch with just the mipsel development tools loaded and it bricked my machine again!

Which tools? 3.0, or 3.2.3? Just out of curiosity. And the linux libc, or ulibc?

You mentioned fixing up the transcoding script.
Would you please tell me what I need to do to the transcoding script to get it to work?

Can do

Do I need to reinstall the nightly again, I currently have enabled,browse,query,mdns,id3tag,sqlite,flac,oggvorbis and ssc.

No, you should be okay. Find your “flac” binary — that’s the binary the script uses to transcode.

2006-11-29 19:10:23 (000a4004): Executing /usr/local/bin/ “/mnt/h
da/audiotron/Christmas_wavs/O Christmas Tree.flac” 0 132.933 “flac”

if you look at that file, (/usr/local/bin/, that’s the file that does the transcoding. All it really does is take the file its passed and throws a .wav out stdout.

If you look at the file, it basically boils down to:

flac --silent --decode --stdout "/mnt/hda/audiotron/Christmas_wavs/O Christmas Tree.flac"

Try that command and see if it works. You should get “RIFF”, followed by pages of crap that probably dorks up your terminal. At least I warned you this time.

If you don’t get that, then that’s your problem. You are missing flac, or your “flac” binary doesn’t work, or someting like that.

If it *does* work, then it just isn’t working in the context of your daemon. Maybe you dont’ have it on your path when it’s running as the daemon. Try adding a full path to the binary in the transcode script.




Or whatever. Hopefully that will get you going. Although I’d understand if you chose not to listen to me again after last time. 🙂

— Ron