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@mbscad wrote:

I then tried to configure 1441 with flac and oggvorbis enabled and it seemed to work.
It built songs.db and presents a list of songs to the Soundbridge which I can browse and obtain tag information from (artist,album,size,playing time).
However, when I select the song to play, I just get “unable to play..songname”
The only information I have been able to get using debug=9 is flac:command not found and mt-daapd to stream .WAV and .Flac files standalone (without my pc being on all the time)- is this possible?

Sure, using either way — fixing the self-installed build you have by fixing the transcoding script, or by finding the deps you are missing in unslung by adding the right package repositories.

I’d guess the package repos you want are:


If you get those two feeds in your sources list, it will probably fire up with a “ipkg install mt-daapd”.

— Ron