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@Breepee wrote:

Using the ‘new’ template as a base fixed it all. Thanks for the help!

Still a few problems: Ogg transcoding doesn’t work and some files aren’t detected while they should (mt-daapd found ~8500 tracks, while there are 10500 in the folder I pointed to). Any thoughts?

See if you can determine a file that isn’t in there. Once you find it take a close look at the file — it’s not in the library for one of two reasons. Either the extension isn’t in your extensions list, or because the permissions don’t allow the “runas” user to open it with read access.

For ogg transcoding:

1. Make sure you have oggdec installed
2. Put a full path to oggdec in your ssc script (look at your config to find where the script it)
3. Make sure you have “ogg” in you transcode codecs

— Ron