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@Breepee wrote:

OK, I compiled it with –enable-ssc. Seems OK, the is there now, but still the config file checks out bad. It is basically the original file, with the path to webadmin and the music corrected, server name and extensions (.mp3,.flac,.ogg) changed and these lines added at the end:

plugin_dir = /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/plugins
plugins =
ssc_prog /usr/local/sbin/
ssc_codectypes flac,ogg

What’s wrong?

What does it say is wrong?

the keys and values should generally be in


form in the new config format. The ssc* stuff goes in the [general] section, and the plugin stuff goes in the [plugin] section.

Try using the template config, your config looks to be a 0.2.4 one, or use your old 0.2.4 one and add the plugin stuff via the web interface — that will upgrade your config to the new format.

— Ron