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@Iris wrote:

I’ve noticed that even though my scan interval is set to 600 seconds (default) I’m having to initiate the scan manually for FireFly to see the added files.

That’s the “always scan” option. Generally, what’s happening is that it defers the scan until someone connects. So when you connect right after adding music, it hasn’t scanned yet. As soon as you connect, it starts scanning, but you might not see the files added immediately — might take a couple minutes before you actually see them.

Does it make a difference if running FF on the MSS. Prior to the MSS I had FF running on my XP box and can’t say I noticed any problems with the scanning.

On the mss/nslu2, always scan is defaulted to 0 rather than 1.

What are the implication if one enables the constant scan – is their a performance hit or any other issues I should be aware of?

The drive can’t spin down, which decreases the drive life and increases power consumption. Thats about it.

P.S. Can someone also post the commands for updating nightlies on the MSS.

Next pass of nightlies and I’ll be updating the armeb and mipsel ipkg feeds automatically, so a “ipkg install mt-daapd” after new nightlies come out should do it.

— Ron