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@Adam wrote:

if I use itunes on my laptop am I best to point it to my itunes library on my server or to the firefly playlist? Can I use iTunes as a client of Firefly?

You can use iTunes as a client to firefly, it speaks the same language as both iTunes and the Soundbridge. So it can serve both.

There are lots of ways you can use it, but the way I use it is on my main workstation (a g5 imac) where I collect my music. Thats where I purchase music, and that’s where I keep my music.

I synchronize that nightly to a different machine on my network that runs firefly, and it serves the music all the time.

You could, however, run firefly on your main workstation, and then have access to that library from your laptop, and also the soundbridge.

Also when I purchase from the iTunes stores will this automatically go into the server?

If you run the firefly server on the same machine that you buy the songs from, yes. Although be aware that it won’t play on the soundbridge.

— Ron