Reply To: Firefly Server will not stay running.


@boskodog wrote:

I, too, have the problem of keeping firefly running. I have deleted the songs.db file, “repaired” the Bonjour program, scanned and rescanned, rebooted, tried to run debug. Debug mode aborts without completing task. I do not know what else to do. Any suggestions?


This is the latest error log while trying to play:

Log file: firefly.log

2007-02-09 14:23:00 (1e8a145d): Starting with debuglevel 0
2007-02-09 14:23:00 (1e8a145d): Starting rendezvous daemon
2007-02-09 14:23:00 (1e8a145d): Initializing database
2007-02-09 14:23:09 (1e8a145d): Starting web server from C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serveradmin-root on port 9999
2007-02-09 14:23:09 (1e8a145d): Registering rendezvous names
2007-02-09 14:23:09 (1e8a145d): Serving 30284 songs. Startup complete in 9 seconds
2007-02-09 14:23:09 (1e8a145d): Rescanning database
2007-02-09 14:23:22 (afb60a1f): Session 0: Streaming file ’01 Out Of This World.mp3′ to (offset 0)
2007-02-09 14:24:21 (1e8a145d): Scanning E:iTunesiTunes MusiciTunesaiTunes Music Library.xml
2007-02-09 14:24:32 (1e8a145d): Scanning E:iTunesiTunes MusiciTunesiTunes Music Library.xml
2007-02-09 14:25:52 (afb722e1): Session 0: Streaming file ‘4-01 I’ve Got A Crush On You.mp3’ to (offset 0)
2007-02-09 14:28:00 (1e8a145d): Query: UPDATE songs SET title=’Pillar Of Davidson’,artist=’Live’,album=’Throwing Copper’,genre=’Rock’,comment=”,type=’mp3′,composer=’Kowalczyk, Ed; Taylor, Chad; Dahlheimer, Patrick & Gracey, Chad’,orchestra=”,conductor=”,grouping=”,url=”,bitrate=192,samplerate=44100,song_length=406151,file_size=9777265,year=1994,track=12,total_tracks=14,disc=1,total_discs=1,time_modified=1133903264,db_timestamp=1171049280,bpm=0,disabled=0,compilation=0,rating=0,sample_count=0,codectype=’mpeg’ WHERE path=’E:iTunesiTunes MusicLiveThrowing Copper12 Pillar Of Davidson.mp3′ and idx=0
2007-02-09 14:28:00 (1e8a145d): Error: unable to open database file
2007-02-09 14:28:00 (1e8a145d): Error updating file: 12 Pillar Of Davidson.mp3
2007-02-09 14:28:00: Aborting