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Reply To: Firefly Server will not stay running.



@gomedog wrote:

My Firefly server was working perfectly initially. Now the tray icon is showing that the server is not running. When I try to start the server, it will “run” for about ten seconds and then revert back to not running. The log for this type of event is below. Please help.

2006-11-24 11:18:05 (a1832be5): Starting with debuglevel 0
2006-11-24 11:18:05 (a1832be5): Starting rendezvous daemon
2006-11-24 11:18:05 (a1832be5): Initializing database
2006-11-24 11:18:19 (a1832be5): Query: vacuum
2006-11-24 11:18:19 (a1832be5): Error: playlistitems.playlistid may not be NULL
2006-11-24 11:18:19: Aborting

Delete the songs.db. It’s in c:program filesfirefly media server, or in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefly on mac.

— Ron