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@rpedde wrote:

That’s interesting. Are you not using the ivorbis-tools package? The integer decoder should be much faster than that… I regularly do ogg transcoding on an underclocked slug using the integer decoder. The point is a good one, though — on a slow machine it may not prebuffer much.

Now that I think about it, I am indeed using ivorbis-tools and not tremor. I was a bit in a rush and did not take the time to look for speed optimization in my setup (OpenSLUG 3.10 + some local compilation).

@rpedde wrote:

That seems reasonable, but I don’t really keep any kind of session state. I try not to, anyway. So it would be hard to figure out whose request was the next request. Particularly when there is more than one user updating it.

I think you are right to keep it simple. I am just looking at options. I prefer Firefly small, efficient and reliable.

Anyhow, I am going to have a look at the RCP (Roku Control Protocol) specification and figure out if it is powerful enough to monitor the track played. I think a small daemon (or a helper program spawned by Firefly) running on the NSLU2 and asking the status of the Soundbridge every second could do the trick.

This would not work for non Soundbridge players but:
– most software players have their own audioscrobbler plugin.
– other hardware devices vendors are always welcome to satisfy their customers by either integrating the audioscrobbler functionality or providing a remote control protocol like Roku is doing.