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Reply To: Firefly Fails to start on one of my computers, Mac Os X



@fuzzydice wrote:

> 2006-11-20 16:09:09.187 Firefly Helper[146] FireflyServer: Caught
> NSInvalidArgumentException: launch path not accessible

Ook. That sounds kind of bad.

What version is this? Also, when you uninstalled, could you check your ~/Library/Application Support/Firefly and make sure it got rid of everything in there?

Also, did you upgrade from an older version? I think maybe the thing to do would be:

1. Download the newest version from the roku site (1.0).
2. Open the dmg and run the uninstaller thing.
3. Delete anything in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefly
4. Reinstall taking all defaults

Then start it and see if it works. If that works, then try changing paths, etc.

I’m kind of puzzled, though. Seems strange.