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Reply To: Newbie question about using firefly on Maxtor mss+



@anton90125 wrote:

Because I am using FLAC, I have bandwidth issues. I am using a d-link wireless bridge to get 802.11g performance but I am experiencing rebuffering at the roku end. I am in the process of getting D-Link DI-624M Super G with speeds upto 108Mbps. I am hoping that this will sort this data bottle neck out. Is there no config setting on the firefly which can help this flow?

I’m not sure that this is your problem. I run with a large number of FLAC files (trancoded to WAV on a Slug) and I am wireless to a SB1000 with the original 802.11b wi-fi card, so the link for that device is limited to 11Mbits/sec. I have no rebuffering problems. Have you checked to make sure that there are no other local wireless networks using the same channel? Strong interference could easily be responsible for the loss of data that you are seeing.