Reply To: Newbie question about using firefly on Maxtor mss+


I took the plunge! Followed all your clear steps.

The server installed with no problem.

In server setup/config I had an error 500- something about MP3 dir?
Anyway this cleared up after my 4th attempted.

My last outstanding problem is the connection between my soundbridge and my wireless router. I have to use a wireless set up when my roku is sitting with my hifi (though I have tested it with an ethernet cable stretching across my room). Because I am using FLAC, I have bandwidth issues. I am using a d-link wireless bridge to get 802.11g performance but I am experiencing rebuffering at the roku end. I am in the process of getting D-Link DI-624M Super G with speeds upto 108Mbps. I am hoping that this will sort this data bottle neck out. Is there no config setting on the firefly which can help this flow?

Thanks for you assistance in writing a superb “How do Iā€. And thank you for a superb piece of software.