Reply To: Newbie question about using firefly on Maxtor mss+


@RickV wrote:

What do you mean with crank the log up to 9?

There is a debuglevel in the config page that you can set how verbose the logs are. If you set it to 9, then you get lots of info.

Double check you don’t have a password set while you are in the config pages.

Oh.. does iTunes work as a client?

Up till now I didn’t use iTunes. Before I used WMC 1.0 and WMC 2.0 on my windows-XP-PC and that was working. Is that enough information or should I really try to install iTunes on my PC?

It might help some — you should be able to connect to the server using iTunes as well. If iTunes worked but the sb didn’t, that would be a datapoint we could get some info from.

– Ron