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Reply To: Newbie question about using firefly on Maxtor mss+



@rickv wrote:

Here is what I executed including the messages I received:

# ipkg install ncurses
Package ncurses (5.5-1) installed in root is up to date.
Nothing to be done

Is it possible your nano didn’t come from the nslu2 repo? Maybe it came from somewhere else?

Try doing a ipkg remove nano, then ipkg install nano. My lib requirements for nano look like this:

# LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS=1 /opt/bin/nano => /opt/lib/ (0x2aac0000) => /opt/lib/ (0x2ab80000)
/lib/ => /lib/ (0x00020000)

so I don’t think we have the same nano package.

— Ron