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Well, I’m up and running 8) . Ron’s tutorial (after he made a couple of edits) provided enough step-by-step instructions. I did run into a couple of things:

    Confiqure a STATIC IP for the MSS. I had read this is another post but hadn’t placed a lot of emphasis on it simply because from the MSS interface my network configuration was correct and the MSS was working. However, once I tried to execute > ipkg update and got a “Host” error. A static i.p. fixed that.

    The other thing was trying to use Nano after Telneting in from a DOS prompt – the display was all screwed. Thanks to Dean’s post I used PuTTY and that resolved the issue.

So, perhaps these two suggestions can be incorporated into the tutorial for other individuals who use it.

I do think I have a minor clean-up to do (maybe something I missed) but on the Roku the server displays as “firefly svn-1433 on (none)”. I thought the (none) was due to the fact in the FireFly configuration a name for the server hadn’t been specified (by default) but me entering a description there didn’t change anything. Is this editable?

I also will eventually disable/uninstall the FireFly server installed on my laptop – will have to look around for instructions on that or will simply using Add/Remove Programs under Windows suffice?

Thanks again to Ron for his help.


P.S. Ron, perhaps I should delete some of my posts that weren’t really specific to the installation – do you mind?