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Reply To: Newbie question about using firefly on Maxtor mss+



@anton90125 wrote:


Looking at the various treads I think this has been solved.

I want to stream music (flac) from my NAS Maxtor MSS(2.6.2-openmss1-rc2) + to my Roku M1000.

I have looked at twonkymedia and (from various comments in their forum) it appears that there are problems transcoding flac files on a nas (not enough processing power) using their flac plug-in.

The Firefly community seems to have solved this problem though as a green newbie it is not clear how.

Can someone please describe in clear steps the processes required to get firefly installed and working transcoding flac. Assume correctly my very limited knowledge of UNIX.

Anton 😕

I’ve started a wiki to try and build a manual for firefly. The first page is now the “Installing Firefly on the MSS” page. It’s kind of terse, but here’s a walkthrough:

It’s really a “fattened up” version of this post:

— Ron