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@rpedde wrote:

Play counts and play times are updated automatically, but I don’t have a “top n” playlist specifier that would make it worthwhile, but the data is being accumulated right now for when there are more flexible playlist criteria.

I have been playing around since my last post. Created a smart playlist that included one track by title. The playlist was created successfully and played on through the SB. However, upon checking in MediaMonkey and also the properties of the file I see no evidence that the count was incremented or the last played time was updated. The only thing I saw was under the track’s properties where it showed the Last Accessed time as the time the track was played. Am I missing something here?

Shouldn’t (according to your reply) the playcount be incremented after the track is done playing? Is it updated when some other event takes place likes shutting down FireFly? Or, did I misunderstand your reply?