Reply To: Basics: Soundbridge does not find Firefly server


I looked more into that file and found that the cd has 12 mp3’s and one *.m3u playlilst. The playlist is called “John Fahey – Old Girlfriends and Other Horrible Memories-http.m3u”. Inside it, each song is listed as a URL, like this: “http://1qaz:[email protected]/mpthree/jstan/Downloads/John%20Fahey%20-%20Old%20Girlfriends%20and%20Other%20Horrible%20Memories/John%20Fahey%20-%2001%20-%20Twilight%20Time.mp3”. No idea why this is (I didn’t create the files), but that seems to be where FireFly was getting its information. iTunes saw the same thing in the last version and I was stumped. Now I know where the info came from. Doesn’t look like corrupted file.

In any case, I downloaded the latest nightly and it worked! The file above is found an plays just fine via SoundBridge with FireFly.

I have two other questions that are unrelated to setup. You’ll see a new post from me elsewhere.

Thanks for all your help!