Reply To: Basics: Soundbridge does not find Firefly server


* On my Windows Server 2003 machine, FireFly _was_ working fine. However, the RAM went bad, so I replaced it. After that, my SoundBridges stopped seeing the FireFly server on the Windows Server 2003 machine.

Sounds very likely that with crapped ram it corruped the database.

Try going into c:program filesfirefly media server and deleting the songs.db (with the server not running). Then start hte server. If it still doesn’t go (after giving it *plenty* of time to scan the files), then run the debug version from the program group entry and cut/paste the last 20 or so lines from the log file (c:program filesfirefly media serverfirefly.log) here.

* I uninstalled Bonjour and FireFly, then reinstalled both.

Worth trying a nightly as well ( if everything else fails. There is a bonjour bug fixed in the last couple weeks that could possibly be it, although I’d suspect database problems first.

The contrib stuff is completely unrelated on a windows install.

— Ron