Reply To: Basics: Soundbridge does not find Firefly server


I”m having this issue and the following is pretty greek to me, too:

If you upgraded from an old version, you’ll want to wipe the config file and copy the example from contrib. In particular, you want the plugins/plugin_dir entry. That’s what’s causing you the grief. You don’t have any plugins to actually serve content — that’s why nothing is advertised.

My details:

* Windows Server 2003

* SoundBridge and SoundBridge Radio – neither see my FireFly server

* I have a laptop with XP and FireFly, and both SoundBridge and SoundBridge Radio see it fine.

* On my Windows Server 2003 machine, FireFly _was_ working fine. However, the RAM went bad, so I replaced it. After that, my SoundBridges stopped seeing the FireFly server on the Windows Server 2003 machine.

* I uninstalled Bonjour and FireFly, then reinstalled both.

* Now, neither of my SoundBridges can see FireFly on my Windows Server box. Additionally, when I attempt to view Web Administration, I get an “Unable to Connect” message.

I have no idea what happened, but was hoping the reinstall would fix things. It sounds like the stuff with the config file and the example from contrib may work, but I have no idea what those are. A more user-friendly explanation would be most welcome.

Many thanks in advance,