Reply To: Basics: Soundbridge does not find Firefly server


@Kiffy wrote:

…. you’ll want to wipe the config file and copy the example from contrib. In particular, you want the plugins/plugin_dir entry. That’s what’s causing you the grief. You don’t have any plugins to actually serve content — that’s why nothing is advertised.

Hi this seems to be my problem too but I don’t understand any of this. Can you explain it to me in a simple step by step way, please.

You’ll need to share what version of the software you are using on what platform. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

Are you using a Roku Soundbridge, or the Pinnacle branded one, and with what firmware version?

What generally seems to be happening? can’t see it from the soundbridge? Can you see it with iTunes? And have you disabled (for purposes of troubleshooting) any firewalls on the machine that is acting as a server?