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@CtrlX wrote:

I’ve reinstalled my SLUG (OpenSlug 3.10) and I’m having problems installing the latest nightly (which I was using earlier).

I’m using the firefly ipkg repository, but when I’m trying to install mt-daapd ipkg doesn’t install the nightly, it installs the stable release.

I’ve tried to download the nightly and run ipkg install mt-daapd_svn-1417-1_armeb.ipk. But ***** ipkg still want to install the stable release even if I use the “force” commands. I’ve also tried to upgrade ending up with the same..

Please, anyone.. help me before my slug ends up in pieces on the street.

The ipkg on the nightlies site is a unslung ipkg, not an openslug. As far as I know, the openslug package is unmaintained, and sitting at 0.2.3 (or was the last time I looked).

I don’t have an openslug build chain, so I don’t have an openslug package.

I might at some point start doing that, but I don’t have the bandwidth to attack it right now.

— Ron