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@bboons wrote:

Sorry, I shoud have mentioned that I already tried the wiki instructions as well (every step of it).
1. I created the .url file in the specified format.
2. added a .m3u playlist with the .url file
3. edited .conf to enable processing of .m3u and .url
4. restarted server
5. started full rescan.

Okay.. hrm.. this is nightlies, right? Do you see the radio station file at all? Do you get any errors in the log file?

You can try specifying a log file, then bumping your debug level up (9?), then doing a full scan. Stop the server, and search for “.url”. See if you see what it does when it tries to add the file. Does it not like the format? Does it not see it at all?


Because it sounds like you have it all right. Check the logs, though, you should see an error message, or a scan of the url file followed by an insert into the database.

— Ron