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@bboons wrote:

Now that I have smart playlist working next I tried a .pls playlist for radio stations and it is not working. Here’s the content of the playlit file:

Title1=(#1 – 298/3384) .977 The Hitz Channel

I put this .pls file in the same directory as my other music files (these files are playable on my soundbridge client).
I also killed and restarted mt-daapd daemon -svn1417 (BTW, is there a better way to restart this service other than kill/start?).

I was expecting to see something under the “playlist” section of soundbridge for this particular file but all I see are the smart playlists.

What am I missing?


You can rescan by going to the web interface (http://localhost:port). On the status page you can make it rescan. You can also change the config there to add (for example) an admin password, then you can access the web configurator from anywhere.

— Ron