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@bboons wrote:

I’m having similar problems. I’m running svn-1417 on Ubuntu Dapper. The only play lists that I can get to on the SB are the ones I create with the wizard. All other playlists including smart playlists in the .playlist file are not picked up. I don’t understand why even the smart playlists are not working, I double checked the playlist file location and the corresponding “playlist = ” specification in the .conf file.
I don’t see any errors logged with debug flag on.
BTW, when I unpacked the svn-1417 tar file I noticed that the sample .playlist file was missing and so I just copied one from the svn-1359 release and modified it to fit my directory structure. Why was this file removed from the tar package ?. Is it not supported ?.

Correct… it doesn’t parse the file based playlist anymore — they got moved into the database. Generally, though, the ones in the database are like the ones in the file, except parsed and available immediately rather than having to start and stop the server.

I left the .playlist directive in there, because I’m going to make the server backup the playlists to the .playlist file on startup and shutdown, so that way you have a backup of the playlists. It won’t be user editable, though.

— Ron