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Reply To: Firefly an Maxtor Shared Storage II or Buffalo LS Homes. ?



@midi wrote:

I solved the problem:

On the firefly configuration menu i removed “share/hdd/data/public/data” and set “share/hdd”. Saving is possible, when you remove first all, i get no saving error “500general:mp3_dir” as before.

I copied some wav and flac files in “share/hdd” and that´s it.

Would it be a solution to avoid similiar problems for other users changing the library directory in FF-packages ?

Maybe, but I don’t know what’s right. Maybe I could set it to the public folders (DISK1/DISK2), but I don’t know what they correspond to.

DISK1 is /share/hdd/data/public, but I don’t know what the DISK2 share is, and I don’t know if it changed in different versions of unslung. Anyone?