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Reply To: Firefly an Maxtor Shared Storage II or Buffalo LS Homes. ?



Ok – i renamed all users, devices etc., same name, same password (i have read this in another forum).

Now the slug is called NSLU2.

Now under Windows/Network/Networkdevices appears

admin an NSLU2
admin 2 an NSLU2 (i don´t understand why, because i created only “admin”)
disk 2 an NSLU2
guest an NSLU2

So it´s like it was before – i can´t open “admin 2 an NSLU2” because i shall not have the permssion. I can open “admin an NSLU2” an “guest an NSLU2” but there is nothing.

I can also open “disk 2 an NSLU2” and dropped a flac file there. This is possible, but FF shows after a full scan no files. The same, when i create a folder “mp3” on “disk 2 an NSLU2” and drop the flac file there.

The difference to yesterday is, that i can´t open the folders on “admin 2 an NSLU2”. This was yesterday possible ecept the folder “data”.

The hole thing seems to be not very logical to me. I´m thinking about installing Twonkymedia, which shall be easier to configure. But i want Firefly…

I need once again help…