Reply To: Firefly an Maxtor Shared Storage II or Buffalo LS Homes. ?


@midi wrote:

Ok – i ordered a NSLU2 with an WD My Book HD.

There are some different instructions for installing Firefly flying around in different forums. I´ve absolutely no linux experience.


Those look to be some old instructions. 🙂

I think the fastest/best way right now is something like:

[email protected]# echo "src firefly" > /etc/ipkg/firefly.conf
[email protected]# ipkg update
[email protected]# ipkg install mt-daapd

If you want to keep up with nightlies, you can do a:

[email protected]# ipkg update
[email protected]# ipkg install mt-daapd

Right now, I’m not automatically rebuilding the slug repositories whenever I release a new nightly, but whenever I get around to it. 1433 is in the slug repo at, though.

— Ron