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Reply To: Firefly an Maxtor Shared Storage II or Buffalo LS Homes. ?



@midi wrote:

My Firefly Version (svn-1417) supports FLAC and ALAC Files. Does this the newest Mt-daapd.ipk nightlie svn-1417 too ?


I´ve a Pinnacle Soundbridge M1001. Now i´ve read that thisone isn´t running with mt-daapd – is this right ? If this is right, i think a NSLU2 solution isn´t possible (or only with Twonky possible).

Nope, the nightly version will work fine with the pinnacle. I think the confusion is that mt-daapd *is* firefly, I just kept the unix programs named “mt-daapd” to make upgrades easier. At some point, I suppose I’ll probably expunge all the mt-daapd references everywhere and make it firefly through and through.

But yeah, everything should work fine with nightlies, including transcoding and pinnacle (rsp protocol).

— Ron