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Reply To: Firefly an Maxtor Shared Storage II or Buffalo LS Homes. ?



@midi wrote:

First – thank you very much !

But it seems to be very difficult with the MSS II. I think i keep my hands off the MSS II.

I´m looking for a Buffalo Linkstation oder nslu2 solution.

Sadly, there are no pre-installed Firefly devices like the Freecom FSG or better the INTRADISK with Twonky on the market. So you have to put a lot of time and energy to get the systems running. And a risk is still there.

True. But there have been *lots* of people through these forums that we’ve gotten set up on nslu2+mt-daapd nightlies. Lots. It might take a weekend, but you’ll get there.

Anyway, good luck. It’s a fun trip.

— Ron