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@nat_6 wrote:

Sorry, it is version 0.2.4. About 7,500 songs in a college dorm, so high usage, as many as 10 songs streaming at once.

Ya, that’s probably it. The 0.2.4 series builds the whole dmap tree in memory, and then streams it out. With 7500 songs, that’s probably 2 or 3 mb of memory, or maybe more if the heap is badly fragmented.

I’ll try with compression on.

Actually, that would make it worse, as the compression in 0.2.4 does compression in-memory, so it would actually cause more memory problems.

If you are running etch, there is a newer version in testing — you can apt-get it.

If you are running sarge (on x86, ppc or mipsel), I have sarge packages of nightlies at

Might be worth upgrading to a newer version. The new versions use significantly less memory. Although a couple warnings — you’ll probably want to just move your old config file out of the way and let it install a new one… config file format has changed, and lots of new options.

Also, make sure your whole cache directory is writable by the runas user (chown nobody /var/cache/mt-daapd; chmod 700 /var/cache/mt-daapd). Previously, it didn’t have to be, but with a sqlite backend, it has to make temp files in the cache directory.

— Ron