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Not to be glib, but running out of memory would be my guess. 🙂 Can’t help myself, sorry. 🙂

What version is this? If it’s svns in the 1300 or so range, it could be memory leak if you are scanning iTunes xml files. After you’ve spooled some music, what does memory utilization look like? Are you sure it’s mt-daapd running our of memory, or is it something else, and it’s just mt-daapd getting hit with the oom killer?

Is this 0.2.4 on a resnet or something with high utilization? And how many songs do you have? If it’s 0.2.4, is compression turned on?

All these might help figure it out.

– Ron

Sorry, it is version 0.2.4. About 7,500 songs in a college dorm, so high usage, as many as 10 songs streaming at once. I do have 1GB of memory, but debain fills most of free memory with Disk Cache, so there is usually about 10MB free. I run Azureus almost constantly, but other than that, not much. I’m not sure what svn’s are, sorry. I don’t believe i have any XML’s in the music dir. I’ll try with compression on.