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Everytime I try to connect my Soundbridge HomeMusic to my Firefly it crashes. When I connect from iTunes to Firefly it works as espected. I also installed for testing Firefly on my MacBook Pro without any problems and can then play it with my Soundbridge.
I tried then to compile and install an older version (1391) to my Linkstation and it stops at this line: config.status: creating src/Makefile

openlink or freelink? ppc or mips?

Maybe this partial log will help

It would have been something before that — before the bonjour stuff. Did you compile this yourself, or use one of the nightly binaries?

Thanks for quick answer. I could do it by myself. The compiling stopped because of an lost network connection to the Linkstation (PPC). After I fixed this and I found the hint with the missing zlib (then I installed 1.2.3) I compiled without any problem and now it works wonderfull. Thanks again.