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Ok, I think we may have a problem!

tail -f /var/log/messages
<38>Nov 17 20:18:36 login[745]: root login on `ttyp1′ from `′
<38>Nov 17 20:19:31 login[748]: root login on `ttyp1′ from `′
<25>Nov 17 20:28:49 mt-daapd[786]: Starting with debuglevel 9
<25>Nov 17 20:28:49 mt-daapd[786]: Starting rendezvous daemon
<25>Nov 17 20:28:49 mt-daapd[788]: Starting signal handler
<25>Nov 17 20:28:50 mt-daapd[788]: Initializing database
<25>Nov 17 20:28:53 mt-daapd[788]: Query: vacuum
<25>Nov 17 20:28:53 mt-daapd[788]: Error: database disk image is malformed
<25>Nov 17 20:28:53 mt-daapd[787]: Rendezvous socket closed (daap server crashed?) Aborting.
<78>Nov 17 21:01:00 cron[442]: running /usr/sbin/hwclock -s &>/dev/null

I’m still a bit green around the gills regarding this. It doesn’t look good. Is it just the case of re-installing firefly?