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@ccomley wrote:

I note that lots of the NAS boxes on the (domestic) market are now starting to offer media streaming options. Are there any plans to port Firefly onto any of these boxes? Thecus, Buffalo, etc…?

Nothing really to port, they are linux boxes, all of them. Just a matter of building a build chain.

That said, the nightlies site has ipk for armeb (nslu2) and mipsel (openwrt, wl-hdd, mss). In addition it has ppc debian packages (freelink for the buffalo line – linkstation/kuro/terrastation) and mipsel debian packages (debonaras). For those platforms that have gentoo ports (buffalo, etc), it’s available already through portage.

I’ll build packages for anything else that has a packaging system, but I think that the smart money right now in the embedded space is to work toward an optware enabled system. Pretty much the best userspace development stuff is going on in optware.

For my money, the linkstation HG running debian is the sweet. Decent hardware, good read/write speeds. All in all, a good setup. It’s my favorite of the boxes.

— Ron