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Reply To: SoundBridge finds wrong server


OK, by process of elimination – literally unplugging devices from the network switch and rebooting the SB – I have narroed down the machine which is showing up the “incompatible” server(s) that the SB is complaining about.

It’s the XP machine which is hosting the Firefly server.

I’ve been through the config and de-installed (windows media connect – installed when trying to get Roku to see Windows library) or disabled (Slim Server – also installed when trying to set up the SB, and any obvious iTunes/iPod related tools – installed when I was trying to get SB to see Itunes-for-windows) and I’ve even rebooted the box to make sure it’s clean.

And with ONLY this box on the network with the SB, the SB says “incompatible servers found”. And if I take this box off the network, the SB says “no servers found”.

What the eff? Note, this is the only box I’ve ever used as a media server so it *has* worked both as a MMJB server (I was happy with that until I couldn’t get playlists working) and with Firefly up until now.

It may or may not be releveant that this box is installed with XP Media Centre Edition, though none of the special bits are used as it doesn’t have WMCE compatible sound or video cards, or a TV tuner. (Yet – but may never have!)

This box ALSo runs our in-house mail software which is “mailgate” ( that listens on port 25, 110, 21 and 8080 (the last two coz it acts as a proxy server).

Over to you?