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@ccomley wrote:

I even tried moving the SB and Firefly to a totally different IP subnet but still the SB whinges. And I’ve been into iTunes on teh Mac (which I never use anyway – crap software IMHO) and made sure the Share My Music box is un-checked.

Anyone know if this bug is fixed in the new firmware? Or can be worked around sensibly in the current firmware without having to unplug the Mac every time?

I don’t have a firm answer, but I do know that there were lots of fixes for how it handles daap versus rsp stuff at about that time frame. (172, I think. 173 fixed playlists, 174 added the WPA. I think that’s right).

If you are using nightlies, you can probably help the soundbridge by taking the daap module out, and only loading rsp. That might help it some, too.

— Ron