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@K-OS wrote:


this is my Setup:
Maxtor Shared Storage with openmss 2.62 and mt-daapd 0.2.3 installed
2 Macs with Itunes 7
1 XBOX with XBMC

and alot of music on my nas…

whats workin:
the mt-daapd is running on my nas, i can connect with my XBMC2.0 to this share and listen to music….i can also open my itunes and see the music share…

whats the problem…
everytime i try to connect with my itunes to the mt-daapd, it jumps right back into the library…
this problem already exits in itunes 6 times…

any why idea why i have no access to my share??(not with itunes??)

btw… i also checked the wiki and found this iptables hint…there is no iptables on this nas…


0.2.3 broke with iTunes 6. 0.2.4 is the version that works with iTunes 6+.

In this thread are instructions on getting latest nightlies to work on the mss, but they dont’ work with xbmc. There is another thread trying to get that to work.

So you choice is between iTunes or XBMC, sadly. Or troll around the openmss forums and see if someone has a 0.2.4 binary. I’m sure someone does.

— Ron