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@sansp00 wrote:

Great, Im anxious to get my hands dirty 🙂

Before I do that, I may add a scripting plugin using c-lang so stuff can be scripted rather than plugin’ed.

I’m thinking of moving that up, since there seems to be a lot of things I keep seeing that might be easy to implement that way.

Im ‘new’ to the vlc stuff and to be honest, never did much research on this to nderstand the inner workings of it …

VLC does *lots* of stuff that nobody knows about. It’s a complete client-server transcoding system among other things, including a http server, and wizards for setting up transcoding. Nobody knows that it does anything other than play .vobs, though. 🙂

Canonical docs are here:

I would really like to write code for this. It will do a change from the *nix system programming I do all day lately.

Cool… maybe the c-lang interface is the place to start. Then it can be more insulated from the plugin format, plus it would make stuff that people could easily add or remove from their setup should they choose.

— Ron