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Working on it. I have output plugins already, I’ll have db plugins soon, and that’s where this would go.

Great, Im anxious to get my hands dirty 🙂

The “right” way to do with mt-daapd is to have those streams point to another program that does stream transocoding. That’s the unix way. Do one thing well.

Stream transcoding is another thing. And vlc already does it well.

Im ‘new’ to the vlc stuff and to be honest, never did much research on this to nderstand the inner workings of it …
I do understand your point on the design and fully agree … But since and did not do a lot of ‘homework’ on the vlc and related stuff, I don’t quite understand all the inner working. Do you have urls that I could read up on so I can understand better how the plug ins will work, the vlc stuff and the prefered design of the implementation ? I would really like to write code for this. It will do a change from the *nix system programming I do all day lately.
Patrick S.