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@eagledart wrote:

Well I’m glad to hear you’re considering the interface (when and what will that be?), but I’m curious as to why you think mt-daapd is the “wrong” place. Is that a technical, political or other objection?

Just that it’s a job for another tool… just like reading email or burning cds. It really isn’t in the scope of what this does. I don’t disagree that a transcoding web streamer wouldn’t be a good project, but it’s a project that isn’t this.

Well, that and it would just be an exersize in re-inventing vlc anyway, since that’s *exactly* what vlc does, but that’s another story.

If you ever have time to kill, take a look at It’s based on the music genome project and is free. Does require you to provide a US zip code (not hard), it allows you to create your own radio station and attempts to “learn” what you like.

now that I look at it, I realize that I had indeed played with it before. It decided all I wanted to listen to was morrissey, and that’s really not *too* far off the mark. 🙂