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rpedde wrote:
I remain convinced that that isn’t the place for it, but it’s something I was going to add a scripting interface for anyway, just to make people happy. 🙂

Well I’m glad to hear you’re considering the interface (when and what will that be?), but I’m curious as to why you think mt-daapd is the “wrong” place. Is that a technical, political or other objection?

By the way, I rebuilt my machine (after throwing it on the floor), was careful about setting up the network interfaces and now have mt-daapd running under ubuntu with no problem what so ever. I think part of my original problem was that I was using a wireless broadband router, a wireless bridge and a wireless roku. I now have the server hard-wired to the bridge, wireless from bridge to roku.

I’m grateful you went to the trouble of creating mt-daapd, I’ll be even more gratefull if you create an interface for streaming radio, and I’ll happily test it out for you 🙂

If you ever have time to kill, take a look at It’s based on the music genome project and is free. Does require you to provide a US zip code (not hard), it allows you to create your own radio station and attempts to “learn” what you like.