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@eagledart wrote:


Have you played with Pandora radio yet? I’ve heard about people doing horribly convoluted hacks to get Pandora to stream to their Roku. Is this not something that could be made much easier via Firefly?

It would be very, very nice.

I’m still in the process of rebuilding my media server (starting from scratch, doing it “properly” this time… you know how it goes…). When I’ve got that done and Firefly working properly, I’ll attempt this myself. If I’m successful I’ll post the hack here, but I don’t hold out much hope (being a rank amateur in sooo many ways 🙂


I haven’t seen pandora radio, and I know there are people that want to do streaming radio transcoding through mt-daapd.

I remain convinced that that isn’t the place for it, but it’s something I was going to add a scripting interface for anyway, just to make people happy. 🙂