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Reply To: Way To Share Music Across Subnets Without Port Forwarding?



@FireflyManiac wrote:


Oh, sorry.

I saw this, and didn’t answer it right away, and so it got unflagged.

Short answer is no way. Your resnet is probably hooked up with a 4500 or something, and without configuring that switch for multicast, there isn’t anything you can do on your end.

Work study program in the IT department, maybe, but failing that… 🙂

As far as RendezvousProxy goes, it’s worked okay for me. Remembering of course that when you set it up, you must set it up for the host on the *other* network.

For example, if I’m at, and my friend is at, using port 3689, then I’d set up rendezvous proxy like this:

ip address:
port: 3689
host label: friend
service name: friend’s itunes
service type: _daap._tcp

That’s always worked okay for me.

— Ron